5 interesting facts about growing old


Growing old is a thing feared by many. But the reality is not so bad as people make it seem. Yes, you might depend on walkers at some point, but it doesn’t mean you will never leave your house or that you stop having fun all of a sudden. To celebrate the miracle of getting old, here are some remarkable facts about old age.

Less stress, more happiness

Although some researchers seem to think midlife is when we’re at our lowest, the majority of people seem to suggest that happiness increases as the years pass. This might have something to do with the fact that your kids are adults and that you won’t have to take decisions for them anymore.

Most seniors are also retired. Thus, the stress of work is eliminated. The only thing that seems to worry the elderly is their health, but with all the advances in the medical field, even that is not as big of an issue as it was a couple of decades ago.


You care less

Now, this might sound radical, but it is, in fact, a good thing. The older and wiser you get, the less you care about what people think. Research on peer influence has revealed that our desire to fit in starts to plummet after the age of fifty. You also start developing an unshakeable sense of security in your own person, so external opinions are not relevant anymore.


No more sweat

Another cool fact is that you sweat less. This is something that is a big issue for many young people, so if you have a sweat problem, you’ll be happy that it will be solved by the time you are sixty.

Your sweat glands begin to shrink considerably and become less sensitive. Although, you should note that this can be dangerous for older adults in some situations. Heat stress can lead to cardiovascular issues, because if you sweat less, you won’t be able to cool down properly, meaning you can easily suffer from a heat stroke.

Better sex

At number four, we have an exciting fact. Older women might have sex less often than their young counterparts, but apparently, they make it count in every way possible. In a study, researchers found that sexual satisfaction improves dramatically with age. Women over 70 were more likely to say they were satisfied during sex than those between 55 and 69.



And the last one is something that appeals to all age categories. As we get older, we tend to look at life in a new way. We emphasize the small things, and that’s when we start to appreciate the presence of our family. We don’t sweat over the little problems, but instead, we look at the bigger picture, which is always welcomed.