4 great games to give your friends this Christmas


With Christmas just around the corner, people seem to forget about everything and start rushing into holiday traditions, spend irrational amounts of money on gifts, and give charity one more try.

Just like other millions of people around the globe, I am also a Christmas enthusiast, from cheesy season sweaters to make the Christmas tree, spending time with family and friends, and buying all sorts of ornaments that remind us of how much consumerism there is in this world.

Nevertheless, once the tummies are full and the throats are warm thanks to the massive amounts of mulled wine, boredom seems to kick in most of the houses. So why not make things a little bit more fun while waiting for Santa?

If you haven’t picked your Christmas presents for your friends yet, maybe it is high time you gave a look these fun games to play that everyone will love.

Christmas-related board games

There are numerous board games that can bring joy, smiles, laughter, and rivalries between friends during the holiday season. So why not indulge in some with a Christmas theme like the popular Santa Claus Game? Full disclosure – it also requires for you to sing a carol once in a while, so we suggest trying that eggnog priorly.

Another great board game will feature your favorite reindeers – Rudolph, Hermey, and Cornelius, trying to save some misfit toys before the Christmas day.

Christmas Bingo game

Even if you’re in your 20s, this doesn’t mean you cannot play bingo like a pro. And if it also comes with a free printable board especially for Christmas, I say you should give it a try.

The more the merrier, so make sure to engage all your friends in trying to finish the bingo board first. You can reward each winner with special Christmas treats and add some eggnog shots in the process as well. Have I already mentioned you can print the gameboard for free? This means all you have to do is bring in the stamps, preferably Christmas editions too.

Carol-singing games

What would be Christmas without your friends’ pathetic attempts to sing Christmas carols? If you have a few enthusiasts in the group, it is time to bring them joy as well and challenge them to a game called “Name that Christmas Carol”. You can find printable sheets online to download or make your own list of songs you and your friends can mumble in the desperate attempt of your opponents to find the right song.

Again, this game works magic after a few drinks, especially to build up the courage. Those of you who really love singing can even improvise karaoke stations and help everyone have a good time only with Christmas-related songs. Full disclosure – if you don’t hate Wham’s jam already, you will after this karaoke session.